Physical Exam and Vaccines

Pets age fast as compared to humans. They may develop certain disease conditions that are so subtle and undetectable unless seen by the trained eye. We highly recommend at least two physical exams per year. Our routine physical exam includes:

  • Comprehensive Doctor Checkup
  • Fecal Testing
  • Blood testing (heartworm as routine, geriatric profile for dogs age 7 and above)
  • Urinalysis (for Pets concurrently on medication and urine modifying diets)
  • Nail trimming

We follow a standary Vaccine protocol which is based on research.

  • Dogs
    • Core Vaccines : Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) 
    • Non-Core Vaccines: Lyme Disease Vaccine, Bordetella and Leptospira Vaccines (Lifestyle vaccines)
  • Cats
    • Core Vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP
    • Non Core Vaccines: Felv, Chlamydia, FIP
    • It is highly recommended to get Kittens tested for presence of any viral disease prior to vaccination
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